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Suntera Forensics is a full-service, multi-jurisdictional forensic practice providing proactive, preventive strategies to ensure the resilience of your business, and reactive investigative responses to corporate and white-collar crime. Guided by Peter Allwright and his team of multi-skilled professionals, Suntera Forensics provide services to a broad range of recognised legal, insurance and financial services businesses across the globe.

Suntera Forensics operates 24/7/365, internationally, across four central services:

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Gaming Forensics

Suntera Forensics offers bespoke forensic services tailored to the gaming sector.

We are trusted by some of the biggest gaming companies to prevent, detect and investigate white-collar crime.

Our clients include gaming platforms, operators, studios, software developers, and back-office operations.

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To discuss proactive, preventive strategies to ensure the resilience of your business or to discuss an immediate need, please contact Peter Allwright, Head of Suntera Forensics:

Peter Allwright


To learn how we can enhance your business, contact Peter:

T: +44 1624 682205
M: +44 7624 322915

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