Introducing our Services

Suntera Forensics is a full-service, multi-jurisdictional forensic practice providing proactive, preventive strategies to ensure the resilience of your business, and reactive investigative responses to corporate and white-collar crime. Guided by Peter Allwright and his team of multi-skilled professionals, Suntera Forensics provide services to a broad range of recognised legal, insurance and financial services businesses across the globe. Suntera Forensics operates 24/7/365, internationally, across four central services:

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Corporate Intelligence
Our corporate intelligence service secures intelligence on entities and individuals using a cross-section of local and multi-national sources, industries and geographies to help you prevent and mitigate reputational, regulatory and financial crime risks. Corporate Intelligence reports provide critical insight for client onboarding, due diligence on entities and individuals, strategic intelligence on counterparties, enhanced due diligence, AML or ABAC investigations, litigation intelligence and market-entry decisions.

Our focus at Suntera Forensics is proactive preventive strategies. We are however highly skilled at mitigating the impacts of virtual crime and undertake all aspects of crisis management. We investigate high-value customer data breaches and are experienced in dealing with the complexities of foreign jurisdictions and data protection legislation. Our specialist professionals, work with local and international law enforcement across the globe to identify perpetrators of cybercrime with a focus on retrieving stolen data and securing evidence.

Financial Crime
Our financial crime service specialises in complex business crime investigations, both local to you and across multiple jurisdictions. We investigate the behaviour and conduct of employees and third parties to determine whether there were any transgressions, violations, or criminal conduct. We have broad expertise in economic offences such as fraud, bribery, corruption, and racketeering, as well as specific expertise in money laundering, tax evasion and dismantling sophisticated financial schemes.

IP Protection
Brands face a new world of threats and risks as intellectual property (IP) becomes increasingly more vulnerable within the digital landscape. With the right investigative and monitoring tools in place, Suntera Forensics can proactively protect organisations; helping them to prevent third parties from exploiting their IP without permission and subsequently minimizing the potential impacts of loss of revenue and the destruction of brand equity, reputation and trust.

Working with Suntera Forensics?
With specialist sector knowledge, and the strong guiding hand of our Head of Suntera Forensics, Peter Allwright, we focus on delivering a high-quality client experience, with an emphasis on:

  • The quality of our client relationships and the services we provide
  • High professional standards and a passion for excellence
  • Expertise and an international network to deliver services in all major jurisdictions
  • Personable, straight-talking people who are focused on meeting clients’ needs
  • We are easily contactable and available 24/7/365


To discuss proactive, preventive strategies to ensure the resilience of your business or to discuss an immediate need, please contact Peter Allwright, Head of Suntera Forensics:

Peter Allwright


To learn how we can enhance your business, contact Peter:

T: +44 1624 682205
M: +44 7624 322915

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