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At Suntera Global, we respect our employees’ needs and expectations. As our rapid growth continues, we invest in best practices, technology and superb working environments for all our staff.

We have created an authentic and supportive culture that generates a wealth of opportunities for every one of our employees. Ongoing personal development through training and professional qualifications is available to all, and we reward hard work and dedication with a range of comprehensive benefits.

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Invested in you

We believe our people make us stand out from the rest. We invest heavily in the development of our employees and offer equal opportunities across our offices.

Join us and find the right career for you in a thriving and compassionate organisation.


  • Our Culture
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Training and Development
  • Work-life balance and Wellbeing
Our Culture

Our culture is one of empowering responsible ambition for our staff. We invest in your future and work with you to meet your ambitions. We will listen to you and learn from your experiences - a commitment that has helped us build an exceptional group of employees which we are so proud of today.

Whatever your goal, you can achieve it with Suntera in an inclusive, supportive environment that not just encourages your ambitions, but makes them a reality.

Equal Opportunities

We value every single member of our workforce and engage with you to discover your needs, abilities and interests to help you reach your full potential.

We build and maintain a multi-cultural and diverse organisation across the globe with equal opportunities for all as both an employer and a service provider.

Training and Development

Your personal and professional development never stops. To help you continue to grow and thrive, we provide extensive training opportunities to develop further knowledge in your subject area or undertake professional qualifications enabling you to study while you work.

Through our Training Academy, we offer interactive eLearning courses to provide micro-learnings on different subject areas to broaden your knowledge of a range of corporate, digital and financial industries.

Our staff complete over 2,500 of these courses each year.

Work-life balance and Wellbeing

As part of our ongoing commitment to ESG and wellbeing, we have created a Wellbeing Suite to provide essential tips, education and development for each of our employees. We believe in promoting a healthy work-life balance and do our utmost to offer the flexibility to work in a way that is right for you.

I have worked with Suntera Global for the last 15 years and in this time I have been able to study and gain a qualification whilst working full time. I have also had the opportunity to travel to various countries to meet clients and partners and participate in industry events.
Rachael Duncan

Realise your ambitions

Choosing the right career path can be challenging. We offer secondment opportunities across our Group offices so you can develop your skills, enhance your experience and build your relationships with clients and colleagues, allowing you to realise your full potential. Meet some of the team who have grown with us through our secondment opportunities.

Katy Stopford's journey

Katy Stopford joined our Group as a Client Administrator in our Client Services department in 2010. Katy has gained extensive experience from our secondment opportunities and she is now Managing Director of our Cayman Islands office. 

Sebastian Turner's journey

Sebastian joined the Group in 2008 as a Junior Client Administrator in the Client Services department of our Isle of Man office and has progressed to become Director of our Hong Kong office.

A global network
of offices

Our team of experts is spread across seven of the world's most reputable international financial centres, giving us experience working in multiple languages, cultures, geographies and timezones. As a result, staff regularly get opportunities to engage with colleagues all over the world.



The Bahamas, known officially as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is a country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Caribbean. Our Bahamas office is located in the Centre in the capital city of Nassau in Lyford Cay, New Providence.

About The Bahamas 

With over 250,000 residents, New Providence is the most populous island in the Bahamas. Twenty-one miles in length and seven miles wide, Nassau is known as the big sister of Paradise Island and home of the Caribbean’s ‘Vegas-by-the-sea’ Atlantis mega resort. A bustling metropolitan hub full of restaurants, shops and wonderful nightlife, the island is also rich in culture and is considered a tropical utopia.

Cayman Islands

Our team is located in Camana Bay in Grand Cayman. 

The Cayman Islands 

The Cayman Islands is a self-governing British Overseas Territory in the western Caribbean Sea. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands, with a population of over 65,000 residents, and is widely recognised as a leading global financial centre.

The spectacular, award-winning Seven Mile Beach is situated on Grand Cayman’s west shore and is known for its beauty, clear waters, coral sands and shoreline, which is home to some of the Caribbean’s most impressive real estate.

Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong office is located in the On Building in Central Hong Kong. Our team speaks a variety of languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Sri Lankan. 

Hong Kong 

Officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, it is a metropolitan country and special administrative region of China in the eastern Pearl River Delta by the South China Sea.

With a thriving population, low tax rates and high-quality public services, Hong Kong is a welcoming destination. This vibrant country is landscaped with high-end skyscrapers, gastronomic restaurants and a multi-cultural network of citizens.

Isle of Man

Our Isle of Man office is located in the capital city of Douglas. We have a large team who comprise of English, French, German, Russian and Spanish speakers.

About the Isle of Man 

With a population of over 84,000 residents, the Island is a self-governing British Crown dependency and is a renowned leading international finance centre. Thirty-three miles long and eleven miles wide, the Island is a convenient location and is easily accessible to the UK and Ireland by both plane and ferry.  Famous for the world's ultimate motorcycle event, the TT Races, and home to the Great Laxey Wheel, the Island has established itself as an attractive destination to live and work. 


Our Jersey office is based in Castle Street in the Capital city St Helier.

About Jersey 

St Helier’s cool culinary scenes, waterside marina, luxury shopping vicinity and breath-taking sea views are enjoyed by many.  Less than one hour away from most UK airports, Jersey’s top-class infrastructure and low tax rates make the Island an attractive place to work and live.   


Our Malta office is located in the historic town of Birkirkara, in the central region of Malta. Our team speaks English and Maltese. 

About Malta 

Birkirkara is more locally known as B'kara and is the second most populated town on the Island, with over 21,000 people. Rich in history, the town is filled with beautiful monuments and landmarks such as the Old Railway Station and the Bells of Saint Helen Basilica. Malta International airport is a gateway to over 115 destinations and the islands' beautiful Mediterranean weather, relaxed lifestyle and favourable tax rates make them an ideal home.


Our Swiss office is located on Bahnhofplatz in Zurich. Our Swiss team speaks a range of languages including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

About Zurich 

Renowned as a global centre for banking and finance and the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich offers an array of sights and activities, from museums to food festivals and vibrant nightlife. With a population of almost 1.4 million this boutique city has been ranked among the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life, and is home to the famous Bahnhoftrasse, one of the most luxurious shopping strips in the world.


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