At Suntera Digital, we draw upon our strong technical and multi-jurisdictional background and expertise to offer support in areas relating to the cryptoassets, blockchain and wider distributed ledger technology space. 

Framed by our jurisdictionally agnostic approach, this includes comprehensive consultancy support in an ever-evolving global regulatory landscape whilst considering the specific operational requirements of each business on an international scale.

Support is also offered regarding anti-money laundering and regulatory compliance in relation to cryptoassets businesses. Our team is actively involved and supporting businesses across various aspects of the cryptoassets landscape including activities related to the metaverse, ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, tokenisation, NFT projects, OTC providers, and DeFi offerings.  

Our multi-jurisdictional specialists will work with you from the formulation of a whitepaper and the creation of operational policies and procedures through to identifying the most suitable jurisdiction, structure, and regulatory regime for your proposed activity and doing the required work to offer a fully incorporated, registered (potentially regulated) and operational business entity. 

To discuss our cryptoasset services, please contact Kyle Brits, Head of Fintech and Virtual Assets, Suntera Digital:

Kyle Brits


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