Trust and foundation services

We specialise in providing responsible structures for the long term.

Our trust and foundation arrangements offer innovative and robust solutions, balancing the needs and expectations of the present together with the long-term security of beneficiaries.
At the same time, our company services provide continuity of care through a dedicated team that works with you from start to finish.

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Trusts and foundations provide an international solution to the effective, long-term holding of assets for succession planning and estate purposes. Our highly respected global team builds a bespoke service for every client, private or institution.
We can help by:

  • Establishing a range of trusts and foundations, using the structure and jurisdiction most appropriate to your needs, without restriction on asset class.
  • Providing complex, multi-jurisdictional structuring for international institutions and families, with expertise covering both common law and civil law jurisdictions.
  • Assisting in the drafting of trust deeds and other key documentation, liaising with specialised legal counsel as required.
  • Providing corporate trustees, bespoke trustees, council members and other key roles for your structure, ensuring assets are overseen by highly qualified professionals.
  • Ongoing administration of the structure, including bespoke accounting and reporting and the coordination of banking and investment relationships.
  • Assisting with the drafting of trust deeds and other key documentation, liaising with specialised legal counsel as required.
  • Offering independent verification and review of trust accounts, where we are not the trustee.
  • Establishing private trust companies (PTCs), allowing an additional layer of control over the use of assets.
  • Providing managed trust companies (MTCs), operated on a white label basis, allowing institutions to provide trusted fiduciary services to their client base as a new revenue stream.
  • Offering escrow services for major purchases and sales.

We support private clients by organising, optimising and protecting their assets across generations. Our dedicated team offers bespoke trust solutions that combine confidentiality and tax efficiency with the flexibility to safely accommodate all types of assets including trading entities, complex investments, and prized assets such as art, yachts and aircraft.

We can help by:

  • Supporting multi-generational estate and succession planning and broader family wealth structuring using bespoke wealth and asset protection strategies.
  • Providing effective structures for managing liability and confidentiality for luxury assets such as yachts and aircraft.
  • Advising on the effective structuring of large-scale philanthropic activity.
  • Establishing private trust companies (PTCs) to hold the trusts, which can be useful when holding perceived higher risk assets, such as trading companies, highly speculative or illiquid assets. See more about PTCs here.

We are highly experienced in providing trust structures to institutional and corporate clients for a variety of purposes.

We can help by:

  • Facilitating complex capital market transactions, such as pre-IPO structuring of international corporations that accounts for both business needs and those of owners facing a major liquidity event.
  • Providing trusteeship for complex securitisation or off-balance sheet transactions.
  • Offering project and structured finance.
  • Establishing employee share incentive or benefit schemes.
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Company services

Many businesses suffer from a lack of continuity by being passed from firm to firm for different stages of their journey. With us, you receive a continuous service from start to finish, managed by one dedicated team.

We are by your side to support and advise you at every step in the journey for as long as your business needs it.


Our diverse team has decades of experience. We work with a huge range of clients from all over the world offering a broad range of services delivered with personal care and attention.

When it comes to international planning and structuring, we can help by:

  • Providing an initial review of your proposal to determine the most appropriate jurisdictions in which your business should be based.
  • Offering structuring designed to enhance and optimise your requirements while ensuring excellent corporate governance and tax compliance.
  • Forming corporate entities in all major jurisdictions.
  • Establishing and maintaining bank accounts.
  • Liaising with local government and regulators and coordinating external provisions such as local legal services.
  • Supporting staff relocation and immigration.
  • Facilitating personal structuring and succession planning for key shareholders and staff.

For accounting, VAT and tax compliance advisory, we can help by:

  • Providing bespoke accounting arrangements depending on what your business needs.
  • Offering expertise in many major bookkeeping packages.
  • Specialised consultancy on the setup of your structure for VAT and tax optimisation and compliance.
  • Facilitating tax and VAT registration with on-going assistance.

Your business success depends on growth. Let us take care of back-office functions, leaving you free to focus on developing your business.

We offer corporate governance that can help you by:

  • Providing qualified directors, where appropriate, to ensure high professional standards of corporate governance are maintained.
  • Providing authorised persons who are regulator-approved to hold key positions within your organisation, such as MLRO, DMLRO, DPO, company secretary and bank signatories, where appropriate.
  • Acting as the point of contact to liaise with regulators and suppliers, such as local legal firms.

We offer corporate administration and company secretarial services that can help by:

  • Coordinating with banks and financial institutions on transactions including, transfers, forex, and investments.
  • Reviewing contracts and agreements with third parties, including due diligence collection and provision.
  • Preparing, organising and minuting executive board meetings.
  • The filing and retention of statutory documents, agreements, and due diligence.
  • Maintaining company registers.
  • Providing registered office facilities.
    Undertaking the day-to-day administration of corporate entities.

We provide accounting, tax and VAT support that can help by:

  • Completing annual returns and VAT submissions.
  • The preparation of management accounts and financial information such as forecasts, business plans and annual accounts.
  • Providing VAT consultancy and compliance.
  • Offering broader accounting consultancy, consolidations and live bookkeeping.

Our services are designed to support you throughout your entire business cycle. We are there for you when times are good and when the unexpected happens. Additional services can be bought in as needed, giving you outstanding peace of mind, wherever your business takes you.

When it comes to business growth and diversification, we can help by:

  • For new offices or relocations, providing a wide range of services for staff including immigration advice, obtaining relevant visas, commercial and residential property - purchase or rental - and support services to help your staff settle into their new environment.
  • When preparing to enter a new market, diversify with a new product or undergo a substantial change to your business model, providing comprehensive structuring and consultancy services.
  • For IP development, offering valuation and appropriate structuring to ensure recognition as a valuable asset and full protection.

When it comes to planning your exit strategy, we can help by:

  • For businesses considering a public offering, providing wide-ranging assistance in preparing the business for listing.
    For management buyouts, offering structuring advice and tax and accounting support.
  • For owners or key staff going through liquidity events, supporting corporate succession planning and private wealth structuring to optimise your enjoyment and/or reinvestment of new wealth.
  • For end-of-life businesses, facilitating full assistance in voluntary dissolution and liquidations.


To discuss our trust, foundation and company services, please contact Claire Machin, Group Director, Head of Private Wealth - Jersey:

Claire Machin


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