Introducing our Services

Suntera Training specialises in the provision of bespoke and turn-key digital learning solutions.

We currently provide services across three main pillars that include Bespoke Course Creation, B2B Partnerships and our Learning Management System, METIS.

If you have a vision of how you would like your training to be digitally transformed or are looking for an idea of what can be achieved, our experts at Suntera Training are here to help.



Bespoke course creation

Bespoke digital learning developed as a unique training experience, completely tailored to your business requirements.

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Join our growing network of experienced partners and subject matter experts where you can share your knowledge to create  insightful learning solutions. 

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Our custom-built learning management system, METIS, puts you in control of your business training needs.

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To discuss our training services, please contact Luke Doherty, Director of Suntera Training:

Luke Doherty


To learn how we can enhance your business, contact Luke:

T: +44 1624 683234
M: +44 7496 137209

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