SMP Group has rebranded to Suntera Global

On 4th September 2020, the SMP Group of companies rebranded to the Suntera Global group of companies. This included a formal change of name for our international entities. Below, you can find information on why we chose to rebrand, how this might affect you and an index of old and new company names.

Why we chose to rebrand

Heritage and evolution

The group’s heritage stretches back forty years, during which time it has grown to over 250 staff across seven jurisdictions. The international team provides corporate, fund and private client services supported by deep compliance consultancy, escrow, accounting and tax services. This latest evolution comes just after the first anniversary of the group’s management buyout under the leadership of David Hudson, backed by Palatine Private Equity.

Growth and investment

Group CEO David Hudson commented: “After the management buyout in June 2019, we set out on an ambitious growth and transformation project, investing heavily in our staff, premises and technology. In the short time since, we have made three strategic acquisitions in Jersey, the Isle of Man and Hong Kong, revolutionised our technological infrastructure and driven an unprecedented period of organic business growth in highly unusual circumstances. In that context, we felt it was appropriate to recognise the revitalised nature of the group with a modern brand that better reflects the dynamic business we are today.

Empowering responsible ambition

“The new name reflects the culture of commercial balance that has driven these achievements. The energy of the sun and the grounded reality of the earth symbolise the constant, constructive tension between responsibility and ambition, prudence and passion, heritage and vision. We see this as our mission both internally with staff and externally with clients: to empower responsible ambition in everything we do.”

What does this mean for clients?

What will change:

  • Emails from us have changed to our new domain name. However, emails sent to our old SMP addresses will continue to be delivered for at least one year, to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Our website address has changed. However, the old web address will be redirected here for at least one year. If you use our online client portal, this is still accessible from the navigation menu on the top right.
  • The entity names on formal correspondence with you, such as invoices, will change to reflect the new branding. See the table below for details.
  • Any references to the old company names in your commercial structures will become references to the new company names.

What will not change:

  • Your team and the service we provide to you is not changing and there should be no disruption to your service due to the change of name.
  • Your fees will remain the same.
  • Your terms and conditions will remain the same. However, we will be in touch in due course about reissuing them under the new entity name(s).
What does this mean for suppliers?

What will change:

  • You will need to update your billing information with the new entity names, from the table below.

What will not change:

  • VAT numbers remain the same.
  • Billing addresses remain the same.
  • Terms and conditions remain the same. You may choose to update your terms and conditions with us to reflect the new company name(s), but it is not necessary to do so.

Index of entity name changes

An index of old and new names for the entities within our group is below, alphabetised by old name. For more details on our entities and their regulatory statuses please visit our legal and regulatory hub.

Capture 1-2
Capture 2
Capture 3-2

More information

If you have any questions about the rebrand and its impact on you that have not been answered above, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Alternatively, visit our home page to start exploring our new brand. We would love to hear what you think.

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