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The responsible management of real estate is high on our company agenda. With over £1bn of real estate assets under management, our team of corporate structuring, tax and accounting professionals are well-practised in the international property investment market.


Buying and owning a high-value property for your own use, or that of your family, can become complex - particularly when making purchases across borders or when dealing with properties other than your primary residence.

We help you navigate the journey with the following services:

  • Structuring the ownership of the asset to be in line with your long term family objectives and succession plans, enhance confidentiality, ensure compliance and optimise your tax exposure. Read more about our personal and family wealth structuring services.
  • Preparing appropriate tax returns and claims for the jurisdiction of the asset - for example in the UK this could include annual ATED (annual tax on enveloped dwellings) returns and personal UK tax returns.
  • Preparing for and dealing with tax compliance associated with sale or transfer, for example in the UK this could include inheritance tax returns, ATED returns, NRCGT (non-resident capital gains tax) returns and stamp duty land tax (SDLT) returns.
  • Escrow services for purchases and sales.

Property remains a staple for many private and institutional investors across the world. Our international team is highly experienced in supporting complex, cross-border property transactions and investment structures with the following services:

  • Structuring the ownership of the asset through the most appropriate international company or trust structure for your needs. Read more about our corporate structuring services.
  • Preparing the necessary tax returns and claims for the asset's jurisdiction - for example in the UK this could include non-resident landlord returns, corporation tax returns, and capital allowance claims.
  • Complying with local tax rules associated with a sale, for example in the UK this could involve stamp duty land tax (SDLT) returns or capital gains tax returns.
  • Escrow services for high value transactions.
  • Establishment and administration of property investment funds. Read more about our fund administration services.
"The service we receive from Suntera is always highly professional and reliable, we fully trust them to keep us updated of new rules and regulations in the jurisdiction. We find working with Suntera very straight-forward, they always respond quickly and are proactive for our business needs."
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Divisional expertise

Our business is built around specialised, international divisions for corporate, fund and private client services. Whatever your real estate needs, our experts provide services tailored to your needs.


Suntera Corporate

Company structuring, set up and administration for corporate real estate investors.

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Suntera Funds

Tailored fund establishment, administration, accounting and shareholder servicing.

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Suntera Private

Bespoke fiduciary arrangements for individuals, families and their homes and property investments.