We can meet all your structuring and administration real estate needs, whether for high value personal property or commercial real estate. The responsible management of real estate is at the heart of our proposition and with more than £5bn of real estate assets under management, our team of corporate structuring, tax and accounting professionals is primed to assist you in realising your international property investment ambitions.

Residential Real Estate

Buying and owning a high-value property for your own use, or that of your family, can be complex - particularly when making purchases across borders or when dealing with properties other than your primary residence.

We can help by:

  • Structuring the ownership of the asset in line with long-term family objectives and succession plans, enhancing confidentiality, ensuring compliance and optimising tax exposure.
  • Preparing appropriate tax returns and claims for the jurisdiction of the property.
  • Preparing for and dealing with tax compliance requirements associated with sale or transfer.


Commercial Real Estate

Commercial property remains a staple for many private and institutional investors across the world. Our international team is highly experienced in supporting complex, cross-border property transactions and investment structures.

We can help by:

  • Structuring ownership through the most appropriate international company or trust structure for your needs.
  • Preparing necessary tax returns and claims in the asset's jurisdiction.
  • Ensuring compliance with local tax rules associated with a sale, such as UK stamp duty and land taxes.
  • Managing complex property portfolios, such as student accommodation, hotels, shopping centres or office blocks.
  • Taking care of financial accounting and reporting requirements including complex accounting adjustments, waterfall calculations and management fee calculations.


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Michael Charmer


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