Jersey Private Fund Growth Reflects Investor Demands

31st January 2022

Figures released by Jersey Finance recently have underlined the appeal of the Jersey Private Fund (JPF) and of Jersey’s wider environment for alternative fund structuring, according to Ian Horswell, Global Head of Business Development for Funds at Suntera Global.

The figures, published earlier this week, show that the number of registered Jersey Private Funds (JPFs) surpassed the 500 mark (502) at the end of September 2021, representing an increase of 38% year on year.

This builds on the previous data from last year, which showed that the number of JPFs grew 13% over the first half of 2021.

Ian commented:

“What we’re seeing is sustained growth in the use of the JPF – in fact, these figures suggest an acceleration in take-up of the vehicle in recent months. It’s a reflection of what investors want – speed to market, flexibility, easy onboarding and appropriate regulation. Jersey has it right in this regard, which is why the jurisdiction is seeing this rise.”

The popular structure, which will mark its fifth anniversary later this year, enables funds with up to 50 sophisticated investors to take advantage of a fast-track authorisation process and lighter ongoing regulatory requirements.

“We’re seeing it reflected in our business flows at Suntera Global too, as private equity, venture capital and other alternative managers look for straightforward vehicles for institutional as well as sophisticated private investors, such as family offices,” added Ian. “It’s an ideal vehicle for accessing European capital, for bringing time sensitive and ESG funds to market, for co-investment and for ensuring that capital can generate strong, efficient returns. We fully expect this trajectory to continue.”


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