International Women's Day Q&A with ThoughtLeaders4 Private Client

14 March 2023

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, ThoughtLeaders4 Private Client invited Katie Bonfrer, a Director in our Jersey office, to participate in their 'Championing Equity: Celebrating Women's Day 2023 with TL4' campaign. Read Katie's Q&A below.

Katie Bonfrer, Director, Suntera Global

Katie joined the Suntera business from Nedgroup Trust, which was acquired by Suntera in April 2022. Katie has been with the business for 20 years and on the board of directors since 2015, focussing on building and nurturing relationships with ultra high net worth clients as well as driving and implementing strategic initiatives at executive level. She has over 20 years experience in the trust and fiduciary services industry.

Q: Who’s a historical woman that you admire?
A: It has to be the late Queen Elizabeth II – she dedicated her life to the Crown from an extremely young age and had to put on a brave face even when she was at her saddest and most vulnerable.

Q: What do you love about your job?
A: The engagement with families and supporting them with their wealth structuring to make a real difference in their long term succession planning. I love to drive change and see the positive outcome of this.

Q: What career achievement are you most proud of?
A: Being in the driving seat of my own destiny – I had my eldest son when I was very young: this gave me the drive and ambition to succeed in my career so I went back to work when he was just 10 weeks old, whilst studying, and worked extremely hard to get where I am today. I am now on the board of the Jersey trust business which is part of a growing Global financial services business which is an exciting place to be!

Q: What does success mean to you?
A: To me, success isn’t just about reaching a career milestone or financial reward. I believe success to be a rounded term which fulfills my own personal needs and desires – these being a great job which gives me job satisfaction alongside an acceptable work/home life balance enabling me to spend quality time with my growing family and being the mother and wife that I want to be.

Q: What’s a small thing everyone can do to embrace equity?
A: Respecting views of others regardless of who they are, the position they are in or their gender etc, to enable more diverse inclusion and contributions and ensuring everybody feels valued.

To view the Q&A PDF created by ThoughtLeaders4 Private Client, click here.

At Suntera Global, we are proud supporters of International Women's Day. For more information about our ESG commitments, click here.



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