Putting inclusivity and diversity at the heart of what we do

8 March 2024

To mark International Women’s Day Suntera Global’s, Claire Machin, Group Director and Head of Private Wealth in Jersey, Suntera’s Head Office, and Sharon De Mendonca, Chief People Officer, have given their thoughts on the importance of diversity and inclusivity in creating a cohesive workplace.

Claire, what does inclusivity mean as a concept?

For me, inclusivity is about ensuring a culture within the workplace where a mix of people can come into work feeling comfortable and confident in delivering the business needs but in a way that also works for them. It is also about ensuring that everyone feels valued which in turn means they can add value to the business.

Sharon, how important are inclusivity and diversity in the modern workplace?

In my view inclusivity and diversity are critical in our workplace for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, a diverse workforce brings a wide range of perspectives, ideas, skills, and experiences to the table which foster innovation and creativity. These different experiences and backgrounds add greatly to a more comprehensive, problem-solving approach while also contributing to overall organisational performance. 

Secondly, promoting inclusivity in the workplace is crucial in creating a positive and supportive work environment where all employees feel valued, respected and heard. This not only boosts morale but increases employee engagement and productivity too.

Thirdly and finally, a diverse and inclusive workplace reflects the ever-evolving demographics of our global workforce allowing businesses to better understand our broad client base while also enhancing an organisation’s reputation, making it much more attractive to top talent. 

I feel that ultimately in the modern workplace, inclusivity and diversity are not just ethical imperatives but are strategic advantages that contribute to long term success and sustainability.

Claire, how important are initiatives like International Women’s Day for promoting industry awareness around inclusivity and diversity?

My thoughts are such initiatives are really important in prompting businesses and their leaders to demonstrate how they actively champion and support inclusivity and diversity, whether that be through their communications or the specific training they provide to create greater awareness and truly embed equity as part of an organisation’s culture.

Playing an active part in initiatives like International Women’s Day also provides a great opportunity to show our support and appreciation towards women who have achieved in the business sector and hopefully inspire a new generation of female leaders.

On a personal level, I am proud to have sat, since 2017, on the board at Suntera, which has  predominantly comprised of senior, female professionals. I think this highlights the importance Suntera places on ensuring the right people are given the opportunity to thrive irrespective of their background. I have also had the privilege to spend the last several years as a director of the Jersey 2 Africa 4 Football foundation and have been travelling to Kenya in business for many years.  During that time I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing and inspirational women on the ground through the charity.  My travels have also allowed me the opportunity to work with some of the larger banks and organisations providing opportunities in the region which have women in very senior positions, this has also given me considerable impetus to play a role where I can.

Sharon, in what ways is Suntera nurturing an inclusive culture?

Our recruitment policies and practices, including around equal opportunities, support us in creating that inclusive environment. For example, we have a number of global projects and initiatives where working groups collaborate and gain insight from a wide range of people to promote and highlight different views and needs.

Meanwhile, professional development and career progression in roles are supported through a wide range of offerings to ensure opportunity is open to all employees globally and, as a result, we have a very high proportion of not only female board members but female managers and female senior managers which I think is testament to our commitment to being an inclusive organisation from the top down.


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