Celebrating our re-brand!


In September 2020 we celebrated 40 years in business with the launch of our rebrand to Suntera Global.

It was an important development for the business, that gave us an opportunity to powerfully position Suntera Global as a modern, vibrant brand. Central to the rebrand was the idea of balance between the energy of the sun and the grounding stability of the earth. This is represented through our logo that features the sun and the earth.

But of course a brand is not just a logo – it’s much more about affirming our identity and what makes us unique. That comes through in our underlying message and culture of EMPOWERING RESPONSIBLE AMBITION, which is reflected in our name, Sunt-E-R-A Global.

As a business, internally and externally, we promote and demonstrate all we do through EMPOWERING RESPONSIBLE AMBITION and it is this mantra that drives our success as well as our commitment to the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. All of this sits at the heart of our culture.

We empower our staff and our clients to be the best they can be and achieve their goals.

We are responsible and accountable for our actions to our clients and each other, as a specialist service provider and also in the community.

We are energetic and enable ambition so that everyone has the opportunity to progress and reach their full potential and a strong future.

The last year has been instrumental for Suntera Global as we’ve looked to build on that rebrand. We have achieved several milestones including transitioning our corporate headquarters to Jersey where we have appointed a strategic global leadership team, been granted our Jersey fund licence, and expanding into Luxembourg with our double acquisition of Neo Trust and Reference Financial Services, due to complete following regulatory approval. In addition, six of our offices moved to new premises, we’ve centralised our infrastructure, we delivered over 3,500 internal training courses to our people, and finally we won an award for our ESG commitment from Palatine Private Equity.

It has been an exciting year for us. But at Suntera Global we are all about looking to the future, and our new brand and culture will undoubtedly provide us with the identity and communication platform we require to enable us to achieve our ambitious growth plans and goals.

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