Suntera Global receives ESG award

26th January 2021

Suntera Global has received the ‘Enthusiasm and Potential Award’ from their private equity partner, Palatine Private Equity LLP, as part of their annual ESG awards for companies within their portfolio.

These awards recognise companies that are actively building a more sustainable future and taking steps to operate sustainably, consciously and responsibly through all areas of their business. Though they were unable to host their usual awards ceremony due to Covid-19 restrictions, Palatine hosted their awards virtually at the beginning of December.

Stephanie Wall, Palatine’s ESG Director, said: ‘These awards are hugely important to us as we wanted to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that has gone into driving ESG improvements, particularly given the other challenges we have faced this year.

While Suntera Global is at the beginning of their ESG journey, they have embraced these values from the very beginning and have taken opportunities to place sustainability at the core of their organisation. They had a strong existing framework of governance, customer care and supporting local communities, so we look forward to seeing how they continue to build on these practices and create a well-rounded ESG strategy going forward.’

David Hudson, Suntera Global Group CEO, commented: ‘We are extremely proud to receive this award from Palatine and it is a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm that our staff have shown towards our ESG programme over the last 12 months. Responsibility has been a key part of our culture for the past forty years and we are excited to see the part ESG is going to play in our future.

I’d like to thank Palatine for their support and insight over the past year and we look forward to working with them closely to develop our ESG strategy and initiatives going into 2021.’

For more information about ESG at Suntera Global, click here.

Stephanie Wall

Stephanie Wall, ESG Director at Palatine Private Equity LLP