Global support for complex needs

Certain business challenges only arise at scale. High stakes, complex stakeholder needs and cross-border regulatory demands are just a few of the pressures faced by multinational boards. From employee benefit schemes and off-balance-sheet transactions to restructures, joint ventures and IPO preparation, our international team of specialists is here to support you.

Company management

We support corporate management and administration at all stages of growth, whether that is business as usual or development of new offices and offerings. Our international team has experience in actively managing a wide range of structures and underlying assets, from IP-focused technology companies to international trading concerns and real estate portfolios.

We can help with:

  • Advice and support in developing the most appropriate structure for your group, considering operational, governance, tax and substance requirements.
  • Support in opening new international offices, re-domiciling the business or otherwise expanding or revising your corporate structure.
  • International company incorporation and support, including help in securing appropriate banking services.
  • Ongoing administrative support.
Accounting and reporting

Proper accounting practices and systems can be crucial to both realising economies of scale and delivering consistent management including reporting into multinational boards.

We can help large corporations by:

  • Providing assistance in choosing the most appropriate location for your global headquarters, taking into consideration the effects of direct and indirect taxation and the need for compliance with supranational tax standards.
  • Helping to select, install and develop the most suitable multi-currency accounting system to record worldwide transactions and enable bespoke multi-jurisdictional reporting.
  • Advice in respect of the most suitable choice of worldwide accounting standards and assistance with group consolidation of accounting requirements and audit liaison.
  • Review and advice in respect of international corporate governance requirements.
Multinational compliance

Our international team of compliance specialists are experts in applying consistent standards across multinational groups, based on the highest applicable standards.

We can help with:

  • Applying anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the funding of terrorism (CFT) standards.
  • Meeting CRS, FATCA and other automatic exchange of information standards across your business.
  • Ensuring your structures are appropriate under the OECD's economic substance requirements, including localised variations.
  • Reviews of your digital infrastructure against prevailing data protection and cybersecurity standards.
  • A white-labelled digital training product for compliance matters, ensuring you meet the training and awareness components of international regulations.
  • Liaising with specialist local legal and regulatory providers as required, using our global network of suppliers.
Complex governance needs

Robust governance procedures become ever more important as businesses scale up. Our specialised governance and company secretarial teams help you to maintain consistent good practices and improve efficiency, communication and compliance.

We can help by:

  • Providing highly experienced and qualified professional directors for your boards, bringing specialist governance expertise to your team.
  • Scheduling, preparing and running board meetings, including the drafting and maintenance of minutes and resolutions.
  • Overseeing the drafting of corporate agreements, documents and procedures to ensure high standards of governance.
Acquisitions, disposals and offerings

Our scalable and responsive services can be particularly useful in preparing both the business and its key shareholders for significant purchases or sales because our diverse international team encompasses both corporate and private wealth expertise.

We can help with:

  • Advisory support for boards considering a major purchase or disposal, raising capital and MBOs.
  • Structuring for the formal separation of corporate assets from personal assets. This can be particularly important for owner-managed start-ups and family businesses.
  • Preparing a business for listing.


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