Appreciating how a family business fits within a wider family structure is vitally important. That is why our team at Suntera Private Office takes the time to understand a family’s business, to ensure that it benefits from the same discreet and distinctive treatment as the family’s wealth and that it fits comfortably within a family structure, reflecting its values and vision.

We have a wealth of experience supporting families who have established international trading businesses and so, when it comes to preparing a family business for sale or float, we can help by implementing optimal structuring and succession planning for key stakeholders before and after a liquidity event, ensuring tax and legal compliance while also providing access to a network of carefully vetted professional intermediaries and advisors.  

We also understand risks such as cyber risks that families are exposed to and will ensure a clear risk framework is implemented along with any required Suntera Forensics services.


To discuss our tailored solutions for your family’s future, please contact Janine Cubbon, Director:

Janine Cubbon


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