IoD Isle of Man - Help! They want to make me a director!

9 July 2024

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Peter Cannell is speaking at the "Help! They want to make me a director!" IoD Isle of Man event on 9 July 2024.

The role of director and its associated duties and responsibilities have become challenging in this age of rapidly changing regulations, and it is no longer sufficient to bring just your current skill set to the board.

This talk is aimed at new directors, those about to be appointed to a board, and those who have been directors for some time and are looking to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding of the role. For more information about this event, please visit the IoD Isle of Man event page.

Peter is a regular speaker on the legal and practical aspects of compliance, corporate administration and corporate forms.

During this talk, Peter will discuss the core set of information that any director needs to know when joining any board for the first time, including who to seek advice from. By getting to 'know' the board and the company, prospective directors will be in a better position to consent to their appointment, protect themselves, and, when there is no alternative, exit the board.

If you're attending and want to connect with our specialist, please reach out using the contact details below. 


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