BFSB Industry Development Series Seminar: Tax Enforcement Without Borders

16 FEBRUARY 2023

Venue (underline)   Baha Mar, Nassau Bahamas     suntera_date-1   16 February 2023


Lashan Pratt, Senior Trust Officer, and Candace Thompson, Head of Compliance in the Bahamas, are attending the BFSB Industry Development Series Seminar - 'Tax Enforcement Without Borders' on Thursday, 16 February 2023.

As part of its ongoing Industry Development Series, BFSB are hosting their 3rd Annual Financial Crime: Tax Enforcement seminar, under the theme 'Tax Enforcement without Borders'.

Themes to be discussed at the seminar:

  • International tax cooperation
  • OFAC and sanctions compliance
  • Cryptocurrency practices
  • The role of the Joint Global Tax Force (J5)
  • Criminal tax developments
  • Best compliance practices for financial institutions
  • Cross border tax enforcement

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