2024 Asia Futurists Leadership Festival

24, 26 & 30 January 2024

Venue (underline)  Xiqu Center, Hong Kong    suntera_date-1  24, 26 & 30 January 2024


Rose Chan, Head of Private Wealth in Hong Kong, is attending the 2024 Asia Futurists Leadership Festival in Hong Kong.

Hosted by The Association of Family Offices in Asia, The Asia Futurists Leadership Festival is a gathering of family offices, futurist leaders, responsible corporations, industry professionals, private banks, institutions, funds and venture start-ups within the region to share, learn and take a step further in promoting responsible and impactful investments globally.

Scheduled from 24th to 30th January, the festival unfolds through 12 hybrid events, dedicated to engaging leaders, family offices, and responsible corporations in the pursuit of sustainability. For in-depth information about the Asia Futurists Leadership Festival, click here.

At Suntera Global, we protect personal and family wealth, with the needs of future generations always in mind. Explore more about our comprehensive family office services by clicking here.

If you are attending this event and would like to meet up with our specialist, please get in touch using Rose's details below.


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