Suntera Digital has deep expertise within the rapidly expanding and increasingly diverse esports sector, including the corporate management of teams and organisations.

Based on the considerable experience of our team, we can support the corporatisation of teams for entry into international league matches, payment of expenses, formalisation and payment of players contracts, receipt of sponsorship and positioning of teams for larger sponsorship deals as they progress.

Expertise also extends into private companies for HNW players for receipt of revenues, such as salaries and winnings, and consolidation of assets, such as image rights.

The team also provides appropriate corporate structuring for private companies for bloggers and influencers in the esports space, designed specifically for receipt of revenues and consolidation of assets.

Ancillary functions such as software and service companies in the wider sector spanning games developers, content distributors, livestreaming of events and media channels, are also supported.


  • Pro Players: Strategic planning and structuring to enable players reaching pro level to effectively manage their winnings.
  • Org Owners: Supporting org owners with planning ownership structures, integrating protection, stability, and scalability.
  • Tournament Operators: Establishing effective frameworks for managing prize pools, ensuring compliance with local legislation and having the right structure in place for ticket sales.
  • Esports Start-ups: Pairing over 30 years of experience in supporting start-ups with specialist knowledge of the industry to provide guidance around creating or investing in new esports businesses.

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