We have a dedicated team who have collective expertise to navigate the complexity of Sharia law and who regularly work with Islamic Finance and Sharia Law experts to execute transactions.

We offer a bespoke, confidential and discreet service for corporate, private wealth, funds and institutional clients and can tailor our Corporate service offerings to suit your Sharia compliant requirements.

Our offering includes:

  • Corporate planning and administration with access to shariah-compliant professional service providers.
  • Incorporation and administration of investment holding vehicles i.e. SPVs, (Special Purpose Vehicles), are a regular route to investment in property, in particular in the United Kingdom. Shariah financing arrangements are often utilised to fund acquisition and development of the property i.e. via commodity Murabaha.
  • Provision of experienced professional corporate directors, trustees, foundation council who have a duty to ensure client needs are met and structures remain Sharia compliant.
  • Administrative and transaction management. Our experience includes Islamic Finance contracts and components, including Murabaha, Wakala, Ijara, Sukuk, Qard Al Hasan, Wa'ad, and Usufruct arrangements.
  • Company secretarial services.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Access to registered agents in any jurisdiction.
  • Support to corporate clients with business advisory and transactional due diligence.
  • Supporting your Fintech business by providing bespoke licensing consultancy, corporate governance and accounting services.
  • Arranging banking and funding facilities and assistance with Bank Accounts. We have strong relationships with banks providing services and are able to establish which bank is the best fit for your requirements.
  • Escrow services for major purchases and sales.


To discuss our Sharia Compliant & Islamic Finance services, please contact Jade Fellowes, Associate Director:

Jade Fellowes


To learn how we can enhance your business, contact Jade:

T: +44 1624 683242
M: +44 208 460 1555
E: jade.fellowes@suntera.com

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