Our internationally experienced team of experts provide reliable and timely accounting and financial reporting services to provide you with total confidence, knowing that your fund structures are fully compliant with the ever-shifting complexity of regulatory requirements and global accounting principles.

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    We offer:

    • Bookkeeping of fund structures across multiple asset classes.
    • Preparation of annual financial statements on chosen accounting standards.
    • Daily, monthly or quarterly management accounts reporting.
    • Access to regional experts in locations across global markets to ensure tax and disclosure compliance

    Meet the team

    Meet the key people in our international accounting and tax team below, or by visiting our team page.

    Ian Begley

    Group Director

    Tony Dowling

    Director of Tax

    Kirree Pitts

    Senior Accounting Manager

    Lauren McFee

    Senior Accounting Manager

    Rachael Hooper

    Senior Tax Manager

    Vanessa Christian

    Senior Tax Manager

    “Suntera unravelled the complications of cross-border tax issues and enabled me to better understand the limits that apply. However, it was the consistent and timely manner that they dealt with my wide-ranging questions that impressed me most and would encourage me to recommend their services to anyone finding themselves in a similar situation.”
    High net worth client of 5+ years