Responsible structures for the long term

We specialise in long term structures. Our trust and foundation arrangements offer elegant solutions to the long-term management of assets. Balancing the needs and expectations of the present together with the long-term security of beneficiaries is a skill which our team of fiduciary experts has been refining for decades.

Trust and foundation services

Trusts and foundations are globally accepted as an international solution to the effective, long term holding of assets of all kinds for succession planning and estate purposes. Our highly respected global team builds a bespoke service for every client, private or institutional, which may include:

  • Establishment of a variety of trust and foundation types, using the structure and jurisdiction most appropriate to your needs, without restriction on the asset classes held.
  • Complex, multi-jurisdictional structuring for international institutions and families, with expertise covering both common law and civil law jurisdictions.
  • Assistance in the drafting of trust deeds and other key documentation, liaising with specialised legal counsel as required.
  • Provision of corporate trustees, bespoke trustees, council members and other key roles for your structure, ensuring assets are overseen by highly qualified professionals.
  • Ongoing administration of the structure, including bespoke accounting and reporting and the coordination of banking and investment relationships.
  • Provision of and assistance in the drafting of trust deeds and other key documentation, liaising with specialised legal counsel as required.
  • Independent verification and review of trust accounts, where we are not the trustee.
  • Establishment of private trust companies (PTCs), allowing an additional layer of control over the use of assets.
  • Provision of managed trust companies (MTCs), operated on a white label basis, allowing institutions to provide trusted fiduciary services to their client base as a new revenue stream.
  • Carefully managed transfer out of trust structures for trust service providers, including private banks, that have changed their appetite for internal trust work.
  • Escrow services for major purchases and sales.
For personal and family wealth planning

For private clients wishing to organise, optimise, and protect assets across generations, a bespoke trust is the definitive, most effective and robust solution. Trusts provide greater confidentiality and tax advantages than personal ownership, together with the flexibility to safely accommodate all types of asset - trading entities, complex investments and prized assets such as art, yachts and aircraft.

We provide:

  • Multi-generational estate and succession planning and broader family wealth structuring using bespoke wealth and asset protection strategies.
  • Effective structures for managing liability and confidentiality for luxury assets such as yachts and aircraft.
  • Advice on the effective structuring of large-scale philanthropic activity.
  • The establishment of private trust companies (PTCs) to hold the trusts. This can be useful when holding assets that are perceived to be higher risk, such as trading companies or highly speculative or illiquid assets. They are also commonly used so that key family members and/or professional advisers can be appointed to the board of the PTC, thereby securing greater control and influence over the assets even while robust asset protection is maintained.
For commercial purposes

We are highly experienced in providing trust structures to institutional and corporate clients for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Complex capital market transactions, such as pre-IPO structuring of international corporations that accounts for both business needs and those of owners facing a major liquidity event.
  • Trusteeship for complex securitisation or off-balance sheet transactions.
  • Project and structured finance.
  • Employee share incentive or benefit schemes.
"As a wealth manager, we found the Suntera team very easy to deal with in terms of administration, advice and guidance. Our business is built on mutual trust and service for our client, and with Suntera we have definitely found huge synergies in our values."

Applying boutique services with specialist sector knowledge

Our flexible services adapt to all forms of private and institutional wealth. We have a global client base over a diverse range of industries and have developed particular specialisms in several key international sectors.

Future proof

For alternative investments

Private equity and venture capital, real estate, hedge, infrastructure and debt funds.

Jet icon

For aircraft owners

Cross-border support tailored to purchases, ownership and leasing in the aviation sector.


For banking and financial services

Supporting private banks and their clients with trust and structuring services.

Easy to use

For digital businesses

Specialist support for those industries that push the technological envelope.

Diamond (dark)

For energy and natural resources businesses

Offering ethical and sustainable corporate governance to the world's most important assets


For family offices

Supporting private and multi-family offices for wealthy families with specialist outsourced services.

Luxury (dark)

For luxury yachting

International solutions for shipping, yacht ownership and leasing arrangements.

regulatory environment

For multinationals

Cross-border corporate services from a globe-spanning team, for support in every timezone.

Real estate

For real estate

Managing the complexities of personal and commercial high-value real estate.