Reducing global transaction risks

The provision of a reputable and transparent escrow service is at the core of our mission to empower responsible business practices. We deliver a complete range of escrow services to public and private companies.

Common applications

Escrow is important as a vehicle for high-value and contentious transactions. In our experience this often includes the following use cases:

  • Corporate acquisitions.
  • The purchase and sale of luxury assets such as yachts, aircraft and high-value collectables.
  • Real estate transactions, both commercial and residential.
  • High volume trading between fiat currency, precious metals, and/or crypto-currency.
  • International trade deals, particularly where you are unable to satisfactorily verify the ability of the manufacturer or broker to deliver, or where there are special terms to be met.
  • The establishment and operation of joint ventures.
Trusted services

We provide peace of mind during the payment and release of escrow funds. We know each arrangement is time sensitive and an individual approach is fundamental to success.

We offer:

  • We are an independent, impartial and trusted escrow agent.
  • Our streamlined procedures allow for rapid due diligence screening of all relevant parties, ensuring good practices without causing delays.
  • Assistance in drafting of escrow agreements, working closely with both parties to ensure everyone's needs are met.
  • We will open and manage fully-segregated escrow accounts in any major currency in the most suitable global jurisdiction, so funds are not mixed.
  • We offer secure and transparent control over assets throughout the life cycle of a critical transaction.
  • Our global footprint, cross-border knowledge and access to a wide network of advisers in key jurisdictions makes us adaptable and responsive for international transactions.
"As a wealth manager, we found the Suntera team very easy to deal with in terms of administration, advice and guidance. Our business is built on mutual trust and service for our client, and with Suntera we have definitely found huge synergies in our values."


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